• All you need is to have your Lease Agreement Number (ARN) to hand, complete the form below and select a collection date.

    If you do not have a mobile phone number or wish to return a Large Screen TV please call us on 0161 333 2400 to arrange your collection as you will not be able to use this website to return the device.

    If you are returning an iPad you must ensure it is removed from your iCloud account to protect your security and ensure your account can be closed.

    Return Device
    1. 1. About Your Infinity Lease Agreement
    2. Lease Agreement
      You can find the Infinity Lease
      Agreement Number on the
      Infinity Leasing End of Term
      Letter you should have recently
      received. Please enter only the
      6 digits between the 0’s.

    3. e.g. 347789 – As shown on your original agreement
    4. 2. About You
    5. e.g. 07836123456 – We’ll use this to text you to confirm your collection time and date we receive it
    6. We’ll use this to contact you if you don’t have a mobile number
    7. 3. Your Collection Address
    8. Postcode
      If you’re not sure, you can
      find your postcode on the
      Royal Mail website

      Please enter your post code
    9. Enter Address Manually
      1. Please enter your town
      2. Please enter your postcode
      3. Enter your address above or search instead?
    10. 4 Your Collection Date
    11. Please call us on 0161 333 2400 if you can’t see a date that suits you
    12. 5. The Device
    13. Select the option which best matches the device